How to Open a Coffee Bag ? The Easiest Way Explained

how to open a coffee bag

Have you just purchased a fresh Starbucks, Lavazza, or other famous brands of coffee? Branded coffee, such as Starbucks, Lavazza, or another well-known brand, now comes in stronger packaging. With your naked hands, these bags are generally difficult to open. In This Article, We Will Describe How to Open a Coffe Bag?

You might be curious how to open and close these bags correctly at home.

In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the most common ways of opening a coffee bag and rank them from worst to best. So let’s get started!

What is the best way to open a coffee bag?

Coffee bags are generally securely sealed to maintain freshness and avoid Oxygen from entering the bag. This coating also helps to preserve the fragrance and flavour of the coffee.

It’s necessary to verify whether your recently purchased coffee bag has a one-way gas valve. I’m sure most companies have this valve or air hole in the front.

This valve keeps your coffee fresh and stops it from spoiling by allowing internal Dioxide to escape while preventing outside Oxygen from entering the coffee bag.

My technique for opening and resealing any coffee bag at home:

1. First, you’ll see black tape on the top part of the coffee bag. All you have to do is pull out the black tape on the backside.

To see the top portion of the coffee bag, you must now unhook it.

2. After that, you have two choices for opening this bag. You might also attempt cutting down the top aperture or just cut it with a kitchen scissor.

The first method is difficult for regular users like us since it might break the packaging and easily spill out the coffee beans if you are not careful.

I always choose the second choice because it is more secure and causes no difficulty.

Cut along the line visible under the coffee bag’s top opening with your scissor.

3. When you unzip the part we just cut, you can now see the coffee inside the bag.

You can either remove the entire coffee bean and store it in a glass jar, or you can leave it in the corporate coffee bag as is.

However, I must warn you that if you cut the bag and then keep it within the container for a longer time, the coffee fragrance will disappear.

To preserve the freshness and aroma of the coffee, keep it in the jar.

4. To correctly close or reseal the coffee bag, just fold the top opening and fasten the black tape once more.

This will seal the coffee bag, ensuring that your coffee stays fresh for a long time. Because you properly sealed up the pack, it will not spoil.

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Why do Starbucks and Lavazza sell coffee in Stronger bags?

Branded coffee, such as StarbucksLavazza, or Kicking Horse, now comes in stronger packaging. These bags are typically difficult to open with your naked hands.

Instead of fighting with the packet with your hands, use a kitchen scissor to open your coffee bag.

More complex, powerful, and recently roasted coffee beans required secure storage.

As a result, famous coffee manufacturers have started creating stronger coffee bags to remain fresh for a longer period and oxygen cannot easily enter the bag.

Proper coffee packaging is important for keeping it fresh and preventing it from spoiling.

Improved seal quality also helps the inner coffee keep its original flavour and fragrance for a longer time.

Companies are now packaging coffee with improved bonding properties to keep it fresh. This protects the product from being tampered with while in transit.

All of these factors indicate that you must now use scissors to open these stronger coffee packets.

Once you’ve opened the coffee bag with your scissors, make sure you tape it or reseal it correctly to prevent the coffee from losing its freshness.

Why is there a hole or a valve in the coffee bag?

Why is there a hole or a valve in the coffee bag

This serves two purposes: the first is to allow you to smell the coffee beans, and the other is to act as a one-way valve.

This one-way gas valve is important for preventing outside oxygen from entering the bag and allowing internal carbon dioxide gas to freely exit outside.

This helps to keep the coffee inside the package fresh for up to 4 months.

Coffee produces a lot of CO2 during the roasting process, which is why it has to be packed properly.

If the gas valve on the front of the coffee bag isn’t kept open, CO2 pressure inside the bag will build up over time and finally burst out.

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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last in the Bag After They’ve Been Opened?

Once the coffee bag has been opened, the beans will last for around 2 to 4 weeks.

The coffee bag’s seal will break contact with any vital oxygen once it is opened. Coffee beans in a coffee bag will lose value over time.

Oxidation can be avoided by freezing the coffee bags or keeping them in mason jars or sealed glass jars.

However, if you keep them in the coffee bags without opening them, you may be expecting your coffee beans to last for 2-4 weeks. They’re likely to become stale or taste bad after that time.

What Are the Benefits of Using Coffee Bags?

What Are the Benefits of Using Coffee Bags?

Teabags and coffee bags both work in the same way. A heat-resistant plastic packaging encases the ground coffee. All you have to do now is put in some hot water and wait approximately 3 minutes for it to steep.

Mix your coffee after 3 minutes, break apart the package you put in hot water and throw away the coffee bag. It’s time to make a cup of coffee.

How do I put coffee in a coffee bag?

Making coffee at home can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different ways to put coffee in a bag and get the perfect cup of joe. Here are 8 methods for putting coffee in a coffee bag:

  1. Use an empty water bottle to make a makeshift coffee filter. Pour your desired amount of grounds into the bottle, seal it tightly, and shake it up. Pour your filtered coffee through the strainer into your mug.
  2. Put your ground beans in a container and fill it with hot water. Let the beans steep for about 30 minutes, or until they’re fully brewed. Strain the grounds out of the water and pour them into a cup or mug.
  3. Fill up a reusable grocery sack with freshly ground beans and preheat your oven to its lowest temperature.

How do I close a coffee bag?

There are a few ways to close a coffee bag. One way is to tie the top of the bag closed with a knot. Another way is to place one end of the bag over the other and tuck it in so that the opening is at the bottom of the bag. Finally, you can simply fold up the edges of the bag and tuck them under.

Some Additional Questions


 Unopened coffee can be stored in a pantry at room temperature for 3-5 months, although it can be frozen for up to 1-2 years.

Whole beans have a much longer life span, lasting up to 6-9 months in the cabinet and 2-3 years in the freeze. Instant coffee has a lower shelf life of about 2-3 months.


Yes, there is an obvious yes to this question. Nowadays, most coffee bags are airtight and properly packed. To preserve the flavour and freshness of roasted coffee, the National Coffee Association suggests preserving it in an airtight container.


To some extent, refrigerating the coffee extends its life span. However, when it is exposed to air after being opened, it loses its flavour and scent.

The only method to slow down this process is to store your coffee in a glass jar, which reduces the interaction of coffee with the air.

Our Final Thoughts

I hope this instruction will assist you in correctly opening the coffee bag. To preserve the scent and quality of your freshly roasted coffee beans, be careful while opening and resealing your newly purchased coffee bags.

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