Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 100 Dollars in 2023

Best Burr Coffee Grinder under 100

A perfect burr grinder is essential if you want your coffee freshly ground. To get the best burr coffee grinder under $100, you’ll have to be really picky in your evaluation of the numerous options available.

Many options are available, and narrowing them down might be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve already done the hard work for you and compiled our findings into this convenient list of user reviews.

Whether you’re grinding at home, the office, or even outdoors, all you should do is read these reviews to get the perfect grinder. We’ve compiled the 8 best burr coffee grinders under 100 and a “pros and cons” table for each grinder to make things even more accessible. 

Here they are:

  1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill
  2. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Automatic Burr Mill
  3. Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder
  4. KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr
  5. SHARDOR Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  6. Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder
  7. Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder
  8. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 100 Dollars
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If you look at it from the side, you could assume it’s just another grinder. Not all of them. To be sure, Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill is a grinder to be feared. The grinder is essential for everything from bodywork to power input.

The grinder is easy to transport because of its tiny size, low weight, and slim design. Also, keep in mind that the grinder only contains two cups, making it suitable for office workers who enjoy a cup of coffee during their break.

Adjusting the settings will allow you to get the type of coffee you prefer. The beauty of the grinder is that it is rapid since it has a lot of room to work with. In any case, you can always count on it to deliver consistently good coffee.

Black stainless steel is used for the body. For this reason, many people are drawn to this grinder. It will not rust even if kept in the most corrosive environments.

The manufacturer has included a hexagonal adaptor, further modernizing the grinder’s appearance. The adaptor breathes new life into the previously dull and lifeless stainless steel. You’ll be able to keep your grinder for a long time, thanks to its die-cast aluminum reinforcement.

Another remarkable feature of the grinder is its handle. Given the quality of the materials used in its construction, your grinder should last you for many uses. It’s also convenient to have a detachable handle for easy storage.

The glass top of the Hario allows you to keep an eye on the grinding process as you wait for your cup of Joe to brew.

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Turning the top bean hopper on this burr grinder gives you access to an eighteen-position grind selection. With a bar sliding on the top-front of the machine, the quantity of grinding may be adjusted. In the beginning, it is relatively quiet and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t very stable. The collection container is always covered in a thin layer of a fine powder, no matter what. As a result, the machine has to be cleaned regularly because of the powder buildup. The electronic switch is thin and fragile. It’s alright if you leave it in one sitting, but the button will break sooner rather than later if you change it.

There are no burrs in this grinder. Because it’s a gravity-fed blade grinder, there is a lot of powder. After a while of use, the volume gradually increases till it’s unbearable. The low-cost design also doesn’t endure long.

This grinder has to be placed at the bottom of the list because of its inherent shortcomings.

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Whether you prefer coarse or ultrafine Turkish ground coffee, this is the commercial-grade grinder for you. Because it is so tiny, it will blend in with any decor.

This grinder is reliable and silent. Static electricity buildup is tiny, yet the outcomes are always the same. It’s simple to pour the grounds directly into your espresso machine or coffee maker from the hopper. There are just too many beans in there to use all at once in the bean hopper on top.

The grinding chamber’s exit isn’t as comprehensive as we’d want; therefore, there are some grounds within. They can be retrieved with a bit of tapping, but it’s inconvenient. 

The rotating setting knob comprises flimsy plastic that readily breaks, forcing a call to the manufacturer’s customer care department. It isn’t always a pleasurable journey. Because of these reasons, we’ve ranked it No. 2 on our list. This is still a solid grinder that gets the job done.

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KRUPS Precision Grinder offers a wide range of freshly roasted coffee flavors. Espresso, French Press, Drip Coffee, Pour Over, and more can all be made with the exact grinder.

To get the most taste from your coffee beans, use the KRUPS Precision Grinder, which has a 12-size range of grind sizes with micro-adjustments.

The KRUPS Precision Grinder’s flat burr grinding disks maximize the flavor profile of your coffee beans, regardless of the variety, roast, or origin. When grinding, you have the option of selecting between 2 and 12 cups to ensure you always obtain the exact amount you need.

It’s a perfect coffee grinder for the perfect cup of Joe. The flat burr grinding disks deliver consistent coffee grinding outcomes for rich, well-balanced brews. You can use it to grind coffee beans for many different coffee drinks, including French Press drip filter, cold brew, and espresso.

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This burr grinder’s unique design will immediately draw your attention. For a burr grinder that costs less than $100, that’s a good deal. You won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space on your counter because of its elliptical shape and a wedge-shaped base. It grinds up to 12 cups of coffee at a time.

You may adjust the cup’s size using the side and front dial. Every part of this grinder may be easily cleaned because it is completely disassembled. The only drawback is its meager 60g storage capacity (about 2oz). The grinder’s black plastic body is robust and BPA-free.

The dimensions of this grinder are approximately 9 inches by 4 inches by 6 and a half inches. The transparent hopper in the upper back and the clear coffee canister in the lower front create a stunning visual balance.

Aroma and flavor can be preserved in this way. Even though the burr is flat, it is metal and not steel. A brush is included to help you remove and clean the burr. In addition to being silent, the two safety locks avoid grinding mishaps.

To get the best flavor out of your coffee, you need burrs that have a more spherical form. Additionally, the scoop-brush combination tool makes it simple to measure and clean up after use.

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You can’t ground coffee fine enough for Turkish or espresso to make any of those drinks taste good.

Bodum has been noted throughout its history for its innovative and high-quality designs. A Bodum French Press pot is one of my favorites. The grinder’s body is durable plastic, silicone/nylon, and borosilicate glass.

Grind settings range from relatively fine to highly coarse, allowing you to grind your coffee for practically any sort of brewing method. The coarseness required by French presses cannot be achieved using this technique.

Even at its highest setting, the mesh plunger of the Bodum Bistro grinder was unable to produce coarse enough coffee grinds for my French press coffee. Bodum stores freshly ground coffee in borosilicate glass. Static is nearly eliminated with this specific design change. 

Although the price tag is enticing, it looks that some expenses were saved by employing inferior materials in the construction of this coffee bean grinder.

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Known as a fine-grind automated burr mill, the De’Longhi Ariete 3017 features fifteen grind settings and many cup sizes. This coffee grinder for less than $100 offers stainless steel construction, long-lasting burrs, and other characteristics that make grinding fresh beans a pleasure.

Even though the bean hopper is complete, it is easy to separate it. There are thirty clicks in between each of the fifteen grind settings.

If you make a mistake with the settings, you can pause the procedure and start. So you won’t have to waste time and money re-grinding coffee beans that have been squandered.

That is a unique feature that I’ve never seen before in any other brand. Because it’s so much quieter than previous versions, you may rest easy.

When the box is opened, specific grounds pop out due to static charge buildup caused by the numerous plastic parts. This was an obvious choice as the best burr grinder under $100.

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The size of the coffee grinder you choose for your kitchen should be considered in proportion to the available counter space. As a result of its height, you’ll need a foot of clearance to use this Mr. Coffee model. 

The 24-inch length allows you to move it further from the power source to get the most out of your grinder. Retractable and secure with safety locks, the cable is a must-have. The bean hopper and the grinder mechanism may be easily removed for cleaning.

Because it consumes 160 watts of power, this powerful grinder is likely to raise your electric bill. When it comes to operating the bean hopper, you’ll need a little practice. The clicking noises might be a little scary at first. However, the burrs are flat, quieter than a regular burr mill.

The design and location of this grinder allow you to use it to grind spices, but you’ll need to thoroughly clean it to avoid contaminating your coffee and spice tastes. Even though it’s airtight, you’ll probably only fill the hopper around halfway and risk stale coffee.

This Mr. Coffee grinder does the job just fine. It takes up a lot of counter space; however, its sections may be detached for storage. The flat burr grinder consumes a lot of electricity due to its design.

What to Look for While Choosing The Best Burr Coffee Grinder under 100?

We recommend that you take into consideration all of the characteristics, even if you only focus on a few. You’ll be happier with your decision if you consider as many features as possible. Look at this list of features:

What to expect from budget coffee grinders

There are many items available in the world. Certain products may be worth their price while others aren’t. We’ve put in a lot of time and effort to build a list of meat grinders that are well worth the money you’ve paid for them.

These coffee grinders are all under $100, as you can see. Auto locks, detachable compartments, power connections, numerous settings, and glass lids are among the most common features of these goods. All of these are high-quality features that will make it easier for you to grind coffee for a long time.

Types of coffee grinders

There are a variety of coffee grinders on the market to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Burr and blade grinders are the two most common types of coffee grinders.

The majority of blade grinders can be found for under $100. Blades cut and slice coffee beans in these machines. Most blade grinders don’t create excellent coffee because of the type of their grind.

In contrast, burr grinders yield high-quality coffee. In contrast to blade grinders, the coffee beans in a burr grinder are ground. They don’t cut anything. Instead, the beans are crushed to an excellent powder.

 A burr coffee grinder can create excellent coffee, depending on the settings. It’s not uncommon for burr grinders to produce ultra-fine coffee consistently. Some of the drawbacks of burr grinders include their high price, size, weight, and amount of energy they use.

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High-quality materials

The quality of the materials used to produce a product determines how long it will last. High-quality materials are the only way to ensure that a coffee grinder will last for years. Die-cast aluminum and stainless steel are the best materials for a coffee grinder’s cabinet, according to our experience. 

Ceramic burrs or stainless steel burrs are both excellent options. However, it would be a nice idea if all of the grinder’s components were made of high-quality materials. Also, having a transparent, hard plastic lid is beneficial.

Grinding speed

Many individuals acquire a coffee grinder to speed up preparing, grinding, and brewing coffee. It’s hard to find time in today’s fast-paced environment. They have to catch up on their daily shifts, which means they have to get up early or stay late to make up for their sleep deficit.

However, there are moments when sipping coffee slowly while catching up with pals is necessary. This time, you have the luxury of going at a more leisurely pace. As a result, we recommend choosing a grinder with variable speeds.

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Grind Settings

Look for a grinder with multiple grind settings. This will allow you to adjust the grind size to your preference, whether you are making espresso, drip coffee, or French press.

Grind Consistency

The consistency of the grind is crucial for producing a high-quality cup of coffee. Look for a grinder with a reputation for producing consistent grounds, which will ensure that your coffee will be brewed evenly.

Noise level

Using a loud coffee grinder will be uncomfortable for everyone. Grinder noise is common, even with most models on the market. Blade grinders, in particular, make a lot of noise when grinding coffee. However, most of the coffee grinders on our list are either completely silent or produce only a minimal amount of background noise.

Overall capacity

Depending on how many people you plan to serve, the capacity of your coffee grinder will be an essential consideration. Even though it’s chilly outside, it’s necessary to have a cup of coffee every now and then.

 To make a cup of coffee, are you going to keep plugging in your 1-cup coffee grinder? Even so, if you’re planning on bringing your coffee to work, you might want to look into a portable grinder.

Overheating protection

Overheating is a risk when using a grinder for a lengthy period. Excessive heat might cause the coffee being ground to melt or even alter the beverage’s flavor. Although contemporary grinders have an overheating protection feature, this is not the case with older models.

Thanks to these characteristics, you will be able to use your grinder for an extended period without worrying about it overheating. The grinder’s burr should eliminate friction and maintain a constant temperature in an ideal world.


Finally, consider the price. While you can find many high-quality burr grinders under $100, be aware that cheaper models may compromise on quality or features. Look for a grinder that provides the best balance of quality and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly does the term “direct drive” imply?

Cogs and gears are used in the operation of burr grinders. On the other hand, a direct drive grinder has no gearing between the rotors and the burrs. This implies that the burrs and the motor spin at the same pace, slower than a standard grinder.

Because of the slower speed, less heat is transferred to the coffee beans, reducing the risk of burning. Low-speed grinders are high-end. Thus, they’ll cost a lot more than high-speed grinders (contrary to popular belief). They’re safer and more comfortable because they’re quieter, emit more power, and scarcely emit any static.

What is a gear-reduction grinder, and how does it work?

When looking for an excellent low-speed grinder, look for one that says “direct drive.” Instead, a salesperson might recommend a gear-reduction grinder, which can work at both high and low speeds.

 It’s essentially a high-speed grinder with the ability to switch to “low-speed mode,” simply reducing the gears. It will, however, retain the high-speed side’s loudness and static levels.

What exactly is a dosing grinder?

You fill the bean hopper, grind your coffee beans, then drop your coffee particles into a point of the collection while using a burr coffee grinder. Non-dosing burr grinders will discharge the coffee into a see-through dish or canister.

A dosing grinder will dispense your grounds into a little sub-divided dish containing shots of coffee beans, which are measured in grams. As a result, you just collect enough shots for your chosen drink when you yank the door handle.

Do cheap coffee grinders have a shorter lifespan?

Not in the least! While many people believe that more expensive objects endure longer than less expensive items, this is not the case.

 All of the coffee grinders described above will last for many years when properly maintained. They are inexpensive since the manufacturer controls the price, allowing you to purchase a high-quality coffee grinder on a shoestring budget.

How can I avoid static while grinding coffee?

If you’ve been using a coffee grinder for a time, you’ve probably noticed some obstinate coffee particles. You can try to wipe them away, but they will reappear. And there’s a scientific basis for it: static electricity. 

What is the solution? All you have to do now is add a few drops of water to your grinder, and everything will be fine.

Our Final Thoughts

Investing in a long-lasting burr grinder is the only way to get a high-quality coffee grinder for all brewing methods. As long as the beans are not heated, this gadget delivers consistent and uniform grinding results. It doesn’t have to be expensive to grind the best coffee.

Making a decision on the best coffee grinder for the money was a fun and rewarding experience. We trust that after learning about the many options, you’ll be able to make an educated decision.

You may have significantly benefited from our efforts in selecting the best burr grinder for your demands and budget. There are many options out there, and we hope our evaluations will help you make an informed decision.

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